15 Reasons to Choose YCC

It’s never too early to register for Summer 2023.
Here are 15 reasons to come to YCC next Summer!

Payment plans available.
*Mini camp excluded

Reason #1: You’ll have an unforgettable summer.

Reason # 2: You’ll make unbreakable bonds.

Reason # 3: You’ll learn a new skill.

Reason # 4: You’ll reconnect with YCC’s amazing staff.

Reason # 5: You’ll soar to new heights.

Reason # 6: Your creativity will shine.

Reason # 7: You’ll perfect your water sports ability.

Reason # 8: You’ll laugh until your face hurts.

Reason # 9:  You’ll be part of something greater than yourself.

Reason # 10: Your connection with nature will inspire and strengthen your spirit.

Reason # 11: You’ll experience a unique and incredible Shabbat.

Reason #12: You’ll learn independence.

Reason #13: You’ll connect with your Jewish roots.

Reason #14:  You’ll reconnect with friends.

Reason #15: You’ll be on top of the world.

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