Boating and Canoeing

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Paddling is great exercise. Few activities offer this degree of aerobic exercise mixed with upper body conditioning. Even simply practicing technique can be a workout. At YCC, B&C are focal points of most campers’ summers. The program offers a chance to get out on the water, and gain independence.

B&C allows you to experience a connection with nature that cannot be found elsewhere - especially not in the city! Campers learn to canoe and kayak through a variety of instruction techniques designed to get them comfortable on the water and paddling efficiently. Safety comes first - as campers are taught how to properly wear their flotation devices, water safety, and how to gauge the weather and environmental obstacles. On-land games and activities round out this program.

It is never too early to be introduced to these great activities - and the lessons learned last a lifetime.

Top 10 Reasons We Enjoy Boating and Canoeing

  1. Exercise
  2. Being Close to Nature
  3. Adventure
  4. Relaxation
  5. Combines well with other activities
  6. Being with friends
  7. Racing and Competing
  8. Staying cool
  9. Great for all ages
  10. Because it’s fun

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