Wellness & Dining

Salad Bar and Fruit Options

saladbarWe offer a salad bar at all lunches and dinners, and we always have fresh fruit available. Campers get to create their own salads from a selection of fresh choices.

Typical salad bar options include carrots, cabbage, tomatoes, cucumber, greens, tuna, salad dressings, oil and vinegar.



Home-Baked Goodies

cookiesAlthough “camp food” is often the butt of jokes for many camp people, at YCC we are blessed with a caterer who has been with us for 19 summers and does something very few camps are able to do. At YCC, our kitchen staff take dining & wellness seriously: they bake all of our own bread on the premises in our spectacular kitchen – hot dog and hamburger buns, bread for French toast, submarine rolls, whole wheat options, challah rolls, Friday breakfast muffins, and our traditional cinnamon buns (with white or chocolate icing) every Saturday morning…mmmmmm. We even bake our own personalized birthday cakes!

No preservatives, no nuts… just wholesome goodness!

And the ultimate treat – our freshly baked, home made, chewy chocolate chip cookies, are available as a nightime snack…

Gluten-Free Options

Most people are aware of the fact that YCC is a ‘nut-free’ camp, enabling kids who are allergic to nuts to feel comfortable and safe at YCC. What many people don’t realize is that we offer gluten-free options as part of the camp menu. Gluten-free products are kept in a separate freezer and storage area in the camp kitchen, and we have a designated microwave and utensils to prevent cross-contamination. In fact, we even offer daily gluten-free snacks throughout the day.

We are very proud of the teamwork between the kitchen staff, the camp infirmary, our counsellors and parents, who work together to make YCC the right choice for each and every camper.