YCC is a place where each child is looked upon as an individual, and with this in mind we bunk our campers in age-specific units, each with their own carefully selected unit heads and counsellors.

Junior Camp

For children in grades 1-5. There are 2 counsellors and 8-10 campers per cabin. Counsellors provide close supervision and guidance for a rewarding, fun-filled camping experience.

Rocky Point

Grades 1-3

Rocky Point offers a uniquely designed program specifically geared to our youngest campers. These smaller units have two counsellors and 8-10 campers per cabin. Staff are specifically chosen to work with this age group. Rocky Point is the perfect place for a first sleep-away experience.


Grades 4 and 5

Hillside campers have the comfort of going as a bunk to activities, but also have the added excitement of personal “choice” activities. One of the highlights is the “overnight”, which takes place in the camp, with a bonfire, marshmallows, and sing-a-longs.

Senior Camp

For children in grades 6 – 9. Campers live in 6-12 person platform tent villages with staff, which encourage both independence and cooperation.


Grades 6-7

Our older campers have the option of spending more time at preferred activities. In Ridgeview, campers have the opportunity to go on a 3-day hiking or canoeing trip, which further encourages self-confidence and team-building skills.


Grade 8

Summit is designed to foster independence and maturity, through increased individual choice and decision-making. Campers have the option of participating in a 3-to-5-day canoe or hiking trip, further strengthening their sense of accomplishment and appreciation of the outdoors.


Grade 9

As the oldest campers in main camp, the program for them includes experiences that they have never before had at camp. They have the option of spending more time at preferred activities and fostering a sense of independence and maturity. Masada campers are also offered the opportunity to join the JCCA Israel Experience Add-On.

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