Financial Assistance

YCC believes that every child should have the opportunity to attend summer camp. Below are multiple financial assistance programs available to help your child attend YCC.

YCC offers a $50 reduction for each additional child registered per session. This discount is not applicable for starter or weekend camp.
Payment plans are available upon request. If you need assistance, feel free to contact us

The One Happy Camper Grant is open to first time campers only. Get up to $1,000 off your child’s first summer at Jewish overnight camp!

If your child is a first time camper, then your child may be eligible for a One Happy Camper Grant. There are no income requirements for eligibility; simply fill out the application form.  If you have more than one child who is a first time camper, you can apply for a grant for each child.

  • First-time campers who will be attending a Jewish overnight camp for 19 or more consecutive days are eligible to receive $1,000.
  • First time campers who will be attending a Jewish overnight camp for 12-18 consecutive days could be eligible to receive $700.
  • $500 grants for first-time campers who are enrolled for 12+ consecutive days and who have siblings that have received the OHC grant in the past.
  • If a child enrolls for 12-18 days with a $700 grant and extends their stay to 19+ days, they will be able to upgrade to $1,000 (if funding remains available for that summer).

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CAMPS Access Grants provide up to $1,000 off summer camp based on household income and session length. This grant is applicable for a period of up to four years for income eligible families.

This program is open to all children registered in qualifying camps who meet the eligibility criteria.

First-time campers are NOT eligible as they can receive the One Happy Camper Grant, but may apply for a CAMPS Access Grant the following three years.

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Applications are now closed.

Federation CJA is proud to present GOTEENISRAEL:

Two incredible opportunities for Jewish teens in the Montreal area offering substantial financial support towards our JCCA Israel Experience Add-On Register and become eligible for a voucher of up to $5,500!

GO DALFEN FELLOWS Teen Israel Leadership Initiative provides a $5,500 voucher to 50 Jewish teens with exceptional leadership qualities to go on an Israel experience of their choice.

GO TEEN ISRAEL provides a $2,500 voucher to any Jewish teen in Grades 9 or 10 for an Israel summer experience.

GO TEEN ISRAEL is partnered with YCC for the Junior CIT’s Israel trip.

RootOne LLC helps thousands of Jewish teens travel to Israel each summer for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. RootOne is an ambitious initiative, seeded by a generous gift from The Marcus Foundation and powered by The Jewish Education Project and is available for eligible YCC Israel trip participants

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Once your child is registered for camp, if requested, you will receive an application for Financial aid through FLEX FEES. For more information please contact Erin Godfrey 514.737.6551 ext. 267.  Flex Fees are supported through donations and the Sylvan Adams YM-YWHA.

Affording summer camp experiences, especially sleep away camp, can be overwhelming for parents. Hebrew Free Loan Association of Montreal's Summer Camp loans can help parents cover immediate and unavoidable camp related fees.

  • 0% interest fees
  • Discreet and confidential process
  • Multi-year repayment plans


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