Nutrition, Health &, Wellness

YCC is proud of the teamwork between the kitchen staff, the camp infirmary, our counsellors, and parents, who work together to make YCC the right choice for each and every camper.

Health & Safety

At the Harry Bronfman Y Country Camp, the safety and health of campers is our top priority. Our infirmary is staffed 24 hours a day, by a doctor and a team of nurses. Whether it’s homesickness or other, we nurture our campers and help them enjoy their best summer ever.

The Y Country Camp medical team is led by Dr. Earl Rubin, Division Director – Pediatric Infectious Diseases, and other professionally trained doctors and nurses. Our medical team has extensive experience in camp life at YCC and is also trained and knowledgeable with the most current Covid protocols.

At YCC, we work hard to ensure personal and professional medical care when needed. We always maintain a complete healthcare facility with a doctor in residence.

During the summer, the infirmary has set clinic hours, but is open 24 hours a day in case of emergencies, whether they are major or minor. We will contact you about your child’s health at camp, if:

  • Your camper requires any prescription medication or needs to stay overnight in the infirmary.
  • Your camper has an injury, fever, or illness that requires them to stay in the Infirmary overnight.
  • Your camper has a serious injury or illness that removes them from activities for a prolonged period.

Rest assured that the people who work in the infirmary are a dedicated group of individuals who are around to make sure that your children stay healthy. While we hope that it is not necessary, the medical staff will be in close contact with you should anything arise that we feel you should be aware of.


We know that food is critical to a successful summer for both our campers and staff. We take pride in our nutritious, delicious meals. No preservatives, No nuts, just wholesome goodness!

Every meal includes options that are suitable for gluten free, lactose intolerant and vegetarian campers. If your child has specific dietary issues, please let us know.

All our meals are prepared fresh and are Kosher – supervised by a Mashgiah

Salad Bar
YCC offers a salad bar at all lunches and dinners, and there is always fresh fruit available. Campers get to create their own salads from a selection of fresh choices.

Home-Baked Goodies
AT YCC we are blessed with a caterer who makes delectable treats. Our campers have come to expect freshly baked bread, rolls, delicious muffins, and our traditional absolutely delicious Saturday morning cinnamon buns (with white or chocolate icing) We even bake our own personalized birthday cakes!
The ultimate treat are our freshly baked, home made, chewy chocolate chip cookies, available as a nightime snack.

From our Campers - Top 10 meals at YCC

  1. Chicken fingers
  2. Daily Salad Bar
  3. Grilled cheese and fries
  4. Pizza
  5. Wednesday cookouts
  6. Saturday morning cinnamon buns
  7. Breakfast muffins
  8. French Toast with maple syrup
  9. Mac and Cheese
  10. Lasagna
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