How do I communicate with my camper?

Email: Parents, friends, and family will be able to email campers through your Camp Minder Account. See more details about this in your parent handbook

Phone Calls: Campers do not have access to phones. Should you have an important reason to speak with your child, please contact the camp office.

Snail Mail: You can mail letters to 130 Chemin Lac Blanc, Huberdueau, QC JOT 1GO. If you are sending a package, please do not include any food or candy.

When Can I visit my Child?

It is our experience that visiting family members often cause confusion and/or enhanced feelings of missing home. As such, visits during camp sessions are not permitted.YCC has one designated visiting day each year.

What should I pack for camp?

See our recommended packing list

What is the age range of campers?

Campers at YCC range in age from 7 – 17

What is the age range of Staff?

Staff at the YCC are 18 years and up

Is the food at camp kosher?

The food served at YCC is Kosher – supervised by a Mashgiah and delicious

Does YCC make accommodations for Special Diets?

YCC is a ‘nut-free’ camp and serves substitutes for food sensitive allergies including gluten free options.

How does YCC handle homesickness?

It is important for families and campers to understand ahead of time that missing home is a completely normal feeling, especially if it is the camper’s first time away from home. We don’t typically use the term “homesick,” because it’s not an illness. We handle each camper as a unique situation and treat them accordingly. Studies show that camp is an excellent opportunity for children to live independently among people of their own age, to learn, and grow because of being away from home.

Is there a specific Dress code?

We do not have a camp “uniform,” and most campers wear comfortable, casual clothing like t-shirts and shorts while at camp.

How will I be able to see photos of our kids at camp?

Photos will be shared 3-4 times a week and never on Shabbat. You can access our online photo album by loging in to your account and click photos. Information will be sent out prior to the start of camp with further details on how to access our photos.

What if a starter camper wants to stay longer?

If a starter camper indicates to their Unit Head that they would like to stay longer, the Unit Head will call the parents to discuss the possibility. This is the only time that a camper and parent will have the opportunity to speak to one another by telephone, to confirm the camper’s extension at camp.

Can my child bring a cell phone, digital or electronic devices?

The only electronics permitted will be screen-free music players (e.g. iPod shuffles, MP3 players) and digital cameras. All other music players, cell phones, tablets, e-readers (such as Kindle), iPods with screens, iPads, portable game devices, walkie-talkies, and video players are prohibited. Any electronic devices brought into camp will be confiscated.

Can my child bring food to camp?

All food, beverages, and candy are prohibited from being brought into camp or sent into camp. Any outside food that is delivered to camp will be confiscated and discarded. If your camper has specific food allergies and / or dietary restrictions, please address their unique circumstances on the camper’s registration form.

Campers and staff are not permitted to keep food (except for gum) in their tents or cabins at camp. Although there are several factors which led to this decision – cleanliness and maintaining a nut-free and kosher environment is paramount. This regulation has also effectively reduced the occurrence of animals coming into camper tents, a potentially hazardous situation.

Is there camp laundry?

Each camper’s clothing will be sent to the on-site laundry once per week. Because laundry will be washed by unit and will be returned folded to the bunk, it is ESSENTIAL that every item be clearly marked with the camper’s name; this includes socks and underwear! The enclosed packing list assumes that each child will have enough clothing for two weeks. Linens, blankets, and pillow(s) are not provided by Camp. While we do our best to provide satisfactory laundry service, we are washing for a large family. If a garment might fade or shrink, it will. Label EVERYTHING. Send only inexpensive, pre-worn, pre-washed, iron- free, well-marked garments.

Does my child need to be immunized?

All campers and staff must be vaccinated against Measles, Mumps Rubella and Covid 19

What if my child needs medication or Medical attention?

At YCC, the safety and health of our campers is our top priority. Our infirmary is staffed 24 hours a day, by a doctor and a team of nurses. Should your child need care beyond that of our healthcare team, parents will be contacted. YCC operates in accordance with the Quebec Camping Association and Health regulations and requirements for overnight summer camps and follows all directives from Public Health

What if my child takes regular medication?

Regular medications are distributed through the infirmary…. We do not allow campers or staff to keep medication in their cabins with the exception of asthma inhalers and EpiPens for sever allergic reactions.

What grants, sponsorships or financial aid are available?

YCC has a variety of financial aid programs. Cllick Here for more information

Birthdays at Camp?

At YCC, every birthday is a special day. If your camper is celebrating a birthday at camp, our baker provides a birthday treat for your camper to share with their bunk. Families may leave birthday nonfood goodies at check-in (labeled with camper’s name and birthdate), and we will hold the items in the office until their birthday. We will also set up a time for you to call your camper.

Bar / Bat Mitzvah Support

Please email us if your camper needs Bar or bat Mitzvot support, and we can try to make arrangements for a staff member to meet with campers during their session to review and study material that they have brought with them to camp. Our goal is to make sure campers stay on track in their studies. Personal music devices can be used for studying and will be kept in the Camp office.
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