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Campers Come First

For those of us who have been to summer camp, we seem to always sound like cheerleaders when we talk to prospective parents and campers. It's because we know what camp was like. It was a time of independence and discovery. It was a chance to be out in nature and canoe, hike, play tennis and basketball, learn about tetherball, discover that newcomb ball and gagaball are actual games, and so much more! We made friends who we're still in touch with. We look back on the pictures and realize that we were at home - at camp.

The Harry Bronfman Y Country Camp is affectionately known as YCC to all of us. It's a beautiful camp with private lakes and private land. It's a camp that has a Health Centre with doctors and nurses on staff all summer, all the time. That makes a difference, as safety and security are just as important to the campers and staff as they are to parents thinking about sending their children to summer camp.

YCC puts campers first. But what does that mean? It means that the choices we make, from hiring mature, international and local staff, to creating programming based on skill-development - is all about the campers.

Why send your child to summer camp? And why send your child to YCC, nestled in the beautiful Laurentians, near Mont Tremblant? Great question. Check out what we have to offer - from new tennis and basketball courts to bathrooms in the cabins, and ALL THOSE ACTIVITIES that make camp... well... camp! Contact us today and we'll help you make your decision. 514-YCC-CAMP or

Here's a really good article that may help too. Click here to read an article from the Foundation for Jewish Camp.