September/October blog

A little over one month ago, summer 2013 came to a close and in “only” 9 months we’ll be welcoming summer 2014!

This time of year (September/October) is always a very fun time for me with regards to camp- Planning for summer 2014 begins and we love taking constructive suggestions from parents about how to better improve YCC. In fact this past summer was one of our best ever and some of our changes at camp came from our parents, staff and campers- call or email us anytime.

We have some fun events coming up at YCC such as the Bialik Sec IV and Sec V retreats happening in October- these retreats are run by Sid, myself and YCC staff. We are also planning a YCC reunion/Chanukah party at the end of November- we’ll keep everyone posted on the details of this 1st time event.

In the meantime, please check out our Facebook page as we’ll be posting a few times a week about all the happenings at YCC, including staff hiring’s, new changes this summer and other info

Feel free to drop me a line anytime either on facebook, email ( or gimme’ a call at 514-737-6551 ext.516





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