May Blog (Rabin)

Hi Everyone,

In one month from now, I’ll be heading up 2 weeks early to camp to settle in and get things ready for the 1st day.

Actually, the 2 weeks before camp starts are some of my busiest as we have three different retreats that come to YCC which I oversee with the help of dozens of YCC staff.

-Solomon Schechter Academy comes to YCC for 2 days (one night) as a grade 6 graduation trip

-Pierre Elliot Elementary School sends their grade 6 class up as well for 3 days (2 nights) for their graduation trip

-Summit School sends a large group of children from their “annex” program to YCC for 3 days(2 nights).

The retreats are always a great way to start getting ready for camp and something I look forward to every summer.

So although the countdown to camp is listed to go to June 26th, mine is only one month away….

Have a great May everyone,




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